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Vizion No. 2

Beautyshoot for "Montpellier"

This is a beauty shooting for the fictional fashion brand "Montpellier Est.1918" by Studio2712. "Montpellier" is a high fashion brand for clothes, make up and accessories. "Montpellier" is a french company which is founded in the year 1918.

The inventor of this brand was the french fashion designer Clément Mercier. 

He start his career with the design of gloves and scarfs.

Fictional biography of Montpellier and Clément Mercier

by Studio 2712

"Vizion" is a photography, design and fashion magazine which is invented by Studio 2712. We take the shoots of the beauty  shooting and show how would they look like in our magazine. We create the logo of Montpellier to give the pictures more authenticity.

Photographer: Lara Hiby & Andreas Bender (Studio 2712)

Model: Julia Raab 

Make up artist: Lara Hiby 

Location: Studio 2712, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

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